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4 Things To Get You Excited About Moving Into A New Home

Let’s face it. Nobody enjoys moving. The process of packing up all of our memories, clothes, knick-knacks, dishes and the anxiety of having to turn around to unpack it all can seem overwhelming. But, just like everything else, what seems like an unwelcomed load of tasks become worth it once all is said and done.

Here are 4 things to remember to be excited about before, during and after the big move.

#1  The perfect time to de-clutter
It’s not always easy to make time in our busy lives to go through everything we own and decipher what to hold onto and what to donate or just toss out. Most of us would rather spend our free time at the park or binge-watching Netflix. That is why there is no better time than to tackle this feat as we pack up everything we own. And the best part? There will be less to unpack once all the boxes have been unloaded.

#2  Shopping For New Furniture, decor
Did someone say IKEA?! What better excuse to finally feed that urge to buy new things? With shows like Fixer Upper and Love It Or List It, we all have a tendency to think “I would love to decorate my house that way” or spot items we dream of buying during a typical Saturday afternoon stroll at Target but it just won’t go or there isn’t enough room. Here is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

#3  Make New Memories…but, remember the old
Yes, it can be sad and daunting to move into a new place. Especially, if it was the first home a baby was welcomed into the family or all of the kids have grown up in that house and the fear of the memories fading into the past. Just remember that home is where the heart is and those memories will always be a part of life’s history and with change comes more beauty and memories.

#4  A Fresh Start
Every neighborhood has their own hidden treasures. Different local breweries and restaurants. Cute little boutiques and trendy salons. Parks and outdoor activities and fun ways to become a part of the community. Embrace the new and exciting adventures and meet new people in the process. Another fun aspect is inviting your family and friends to your newly decorated, de-cluttered home and show them around the area. A fun time had by all.

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