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5 Ways To Celebrate the Fourth of July and Still Practice Social Distancing

With the pandemic going on and some businesses shutting down again, 4th of July feels a little different this year. Even though you might not gather in a large group for the 4th of July this summer, you can still celebrate the holiday. You can even feel connected to the people around you at a distance. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Independence Day while practicing social distancing this year.

Watch virtual fireworks shows
Most cities have been cancelling their firework displays for the 4th this year so why not bring the show to your own backyard? Set up your big screen TV or set up your laptop and project a past firework show on YouTube. Here are a few options.

Plan a neighborhood social distancing 4th of July party  
Talk to your neighbors about holding a red, white and blue decoration contest where every house on the street decorates their garage and donates $5. Neighbors can take turns walking around and then vote via group text and the winning household gets an e-gift card to a local restaurant or store so you can support local businesses and have fun at the same time.

Have a 4th of July themed Zoom party online
Zoom allows you to create your own background during live video calls so choose a red, white and blue theme and get together with friends or family who don’t live with you. Incorporate a singalong or talk about fun memories and possible future adventures you can go on together. 

Fun snacks and beverages
Summer foods are some of the most fun foods of the year. Things like hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream, pies, popsicles and slushy drinks are always something to look forward to.

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Play backyard games
Bocce ball, croquet, and ping pong are fun games that provide enough space for social distancing if you want to plan something with friends or neighbors. For household-only family gatherings, you can offer crafts for the kids and obstacle courses for the grown-ups. When the sun goes down, keep the party going outside. Even in the absence of fireworks, it’s the perfect time for a bonfire and fun with sparklers. For more ideas, click here.

Whatever you do for the 4th of July, please practice safety precautions and social distancing. But, most importantly, have fun. Get creative. Happy 4th of July to you all.

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