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6 Ways To Create Positive Work At Home Environment











For those who are adjusting to the new normal of working from home, it is important to maintain a routine and create a workspace that is both efficient while also promoting a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Here are 6 tips that may be useful:

  1. Put a diffuser in your home office with essential oils like Lemon or Peppermint which help to lift up your mood, clean the air and smell wonderful.
  2. Put a salt lamp in your home office. The negative ions will counteract all of the electronics being used while you work. Not to mention, it will enhance your energy level along with relieving stress and anxiety.
  3. Sleep. This cannot be said enough. I know some of us have kids but this is important in order to remain healthy and to have a productive day. An idea would be to get to sleep a little earlier and wake up earlier to start your day. Perhaps, the hour before our clients begin assigning projects or calling will become appreciated “quiet time” or calm before the storm.
  4. Pack it up and change your scenery. With the same idea as working outside, the beauty of working from home can also allow you to work from anyplace. Since options are limited during the stay at home orders, try taking your laptop to the backyard and finish those e-mails or spreadsheet while you enjoy some fresh air. If you have kids, this allows them some time outside to play and you can keep an eye on them while getting your work done.
  5. Take a break. We all have deadlines that need to be met but it is also crucial for our sanity and to continue to put forth our best work if we have spurts of relaxation. Whether you spend some time with your kids, listen to music, watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, take a short walk or read you will notice the difference in how you perceive your work day and allow yourself some work-life balance on a daily basis while still getting things done. In fact, you will notice the increase in the quality of your work.
  6. Daily affirmations and to-do lists. It is imperative to keep track of the daily or weekly tasks we are required to accomplish for our clients but it is equally important to write out positive notes to ourselves and post them as clearly as we do the list of spreadsheets or phone calls we need to make. Reading something as simple as having faith or embracing your talents or a simple compliment to yourself that you can look at when you feel overwhelmed or stressed during a task will immediately adjust how you are perceiving things.


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