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7 Ideas To Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween hasn’t ghosted us just yet. Halloween may not revolve around the traditional celebrations like big costume parties or trick or treating. If we have learned anything during this pandemic it is how to be resourceful and creative in finding new ways to make things fun. Halloween is no different. Go overboard on decorations even if you can’t have a party. Buy candy and put on a scary movie. Regardless of how you spend Halloween this year, it is sure to be one to remember. I have put together 10 ideas to make Halloween fun, safe and social distanced. This is the year we have the opportunity to really test out our creative skills

Costume Fashion Show
Just because there aren’t Halloween parties this year doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Use it as an excuse to bust out some old costumes too, for a full fashion show! Take photos or videos for your kids to re-watch and share.

Neighborhood Decoration Contest
Get all your neighbors to decorate their front yard for Halloween and have a contest. Winner gets an e-gift card at their favorite restaurant or a Costco-sized bag of candy.

Scary Movies
Whether you like silly or scary, there are tons of Halloween movies! How about watching one a night leading up to October 31? This is an easy way to make the whole week feel special!

Reverse Trick-o-Treating
This idea requires a bit of coordination by neighbors, but you could have kids set up at the end of their driveways and have adults or older teens drive around and throw candy like it’s a parade!

Party with your bubble
If you have been quarantining in a “bubble” or with a small group of other families that you trust, consider having a small party with them. Have each family bring lots of candy! Since it’s a small group you can definitely splash for the king sized candy bars! Put together some frightfully fun games like bobbing for apples or create your own murder mystery game. Another fun thing is to bring blindfolded participants to a Scary buffet of bowls that feel they are filled with eyeballs (peeled grapes), gummy bear worms, Jello and other objects that have odd textures.  Have paper towels to wipe their hands after their eerie experience and the reveal.

Throw a Virtual Halloween Party On Zoom
Let Snapology help save Halloween with scary fun virtual programs designed for kids of all ages. One of Snapology’s awesome party hosts will keep the activities and fun going during the hour-long program so you and the other parents can sit back and relax. Themed programs like Monster Mania and Virtual Escape Rooms will bring children together from a distance and help make this Halloween better than ever. Decorate the area around your computer to make for a ghoulishly fun Halloween background or choose from images on Google to save and add into your Zoom call.

Crafts At Home
Crafts are a great way to get festive. You can do these crafts on Halloween, or better yet, start them earlier in the month so they can double as decor inside your home!

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