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A study of Batchelder

I picked up this insightful book on Batchelder from the Pasadena Museum of History that surveys the life and work of Ernest A. Batchelder. One of the early artist working in ceramics in southern California at the beginning of the last century his work goes hand and hand with California bungalows and the arts and crafts movement.

Today, Batchelder tiles can be found in homes, public buildings, and gardens around the country. A large number of pieces are in private residences in California. The museum has created a registry where the general public can submit photos of tile and ceramic pieces not on public display. Museum experts will help determine if the piece is, in fact, a Batchelder and would ultimately like to create a database of these works. More info can be found below:

Batchelder Tile Registry

I happened upon a few tiles myself as I was rummaging for treasures at a recent estate sale. I looked up and saw these intricate peacock tiles surrounding the fireplace. Living architectural history right here in Pasadena!

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