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Batchelder Registry Project At The Pasadena History Museum

It is always a fun surprise to show a house and find a Batchelder tiled fireplace inside especially when the listing says there is no fireplace at all. I was reminded of the Batchelder Registry Project at the Pasadena History Museum and I thought this might be a wonderful resource if you happen to have some of this historic Southern California pottery in your home.

Invented by Ernest A. Batchelder in the early 1900’s in what came to be known as the Batchelder House built in Pasadena, this property is listed on the National Register of Public Places and while the house is not open to the public, some Batchelder tiles that are stamped with heraldic animals and figures may be found on the walkway.

If you would like to learn more, please visit: 

You can also view additional information about the Pasadena History Museum here:




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