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Brighten Up Your Home After The Holidays With These Tips


Now that the holidays are over and we have welcomed a brand new year and a brand new decade, what better time to organize and refresh the look of your home? Changing everything in your home is unrealistic and of course, it comes with a cost that most people can’t afford after the holidays. But, there are subtle and affordable ways you can refresh your home in the new year. 

After you have taken down the Christmas tree and all of the warm colors that go with the holidays, it is time to think about lighter colors. Whites and creams, sky or turquoise blue and brighter hues. 

Switching out a few throw pillows and blankets with lighter, fresh colors and textures are a budget-friendly way to bring new life to your sofa or bed for the new year. Pick trendy color schemes to update your home’s look.

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the cozy and comforting feelings that lights bring. Replace warm bulbs with brighter ones. Run to your local Target or any store that sells clear lights and string them around a mirror or create your own art work.

If you are able to afford it, replacing heavier window treatments with sheers will allow more sunlight to come in as well as create a lighter vibe in your bedroom or living room.

Clear The Air
It’s been unusually rainy and cold here in Southern California so we have been forced to keep the windows and doors shut tighter than normal to keep out the cold. Unfortunately, this can also cause the air trapped inside our homes to feel a bit stale. Get back in the habit of opening the windows for 10 minutes on a sunny afternoon to help circulate fresh air into your home.

Flowers & Plants
Flowers and plants can reduce stress, noise, purify air, prevent the action of dust, spread a pleasant smell, radiate healthy energy. Something we all need after the chaos of the holidays! We always have a wonderful selection to choose from here in Southern California that will definitely brighten up any room while adding a wonderfully vibrant scent to the air.

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