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Consider Outdoor Space When Home Shopping

For apartment and condo dwellers, the experience of having to stay at home for months during the pandemic emphasized the need for outdoor space.  Balconies or terraces were highly prized. Now that we are tentatively beginning to entertain, many are looking for patios, yards, and garages for more open-air entertaining. 

The amount of outdoor space you need may change the preferred location of your home search.

You may be able to find small balconies and terraces closer in, while larger backyards and space to run around are more likely outside the downtown core.

If you are looking for a house where you can easily entertain outdoors, consider floor plans that will allow for easy passage of guests from the inside to the outside and food from the kitchen to the entertaining area.  

  • A dining area with French doors lets guests with plates of food easily find seating and mingle outside.
  • A garage that opens into the kitchen, allows food to be easily carried out to roofed seating where you normally park your car.
  • A side yard with shade trees might accommodate a grill and blanket/pillow seating.

Think about how you entertain and shop with those features in mind. If the price tag is too high, remember there are always parks and public pools.

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