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Five Tips to Decrease the Odds of Needing a Plumber


In 2019, roughly one-quarter of homeowners needed to hire a plumber. This work
is not cheap. The average cost is $230 for repairing a clogged drain and $1,175 for
installing new pipes. Here are five tips to decrease your odds of needing a plumber.

 Keep out fats, oils, and grease. Pouring any of these down the sink is a major
cause of clogs.

 Protect your toilet. Don’t flush wipes, napkins, or feminine hygiene products.

 Defend your drains with a strainer in sinks and tubs to catch hair and other
drain-clogging debris.

 Try a plumbing probiotic. An enzyme drain cleaner keeps food, soap scum
and organic waste from sticking to pipe walls.

 Coffee grounds, bones, and eggshells should stay out of the garbage disposal.
But eggshells are a particular threat; the thin membrane on the inside can get
lodged in the disposal’s impeller.


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