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For Dads (Or Grads)

In honor of Father’s Day this month, this is my dad hamming it up during a recent home improvement project. Don’t let the photo fool you he is actually really good with electrical.  There are so many ways to pamper your father on a day you want to show your appreciation for all that he has done or does for you. Whether his home is an apartment, a condo, or house, here are some handy suggestions. Of course, you can buy a basic tool kit for homeowners, but it is more fun to customize one to his needs, based on what he already might have.
 Tool bag—a big canvas bag to keep everything he needs in one place
 Hammers in various sizes from light-weights for picture hanging to heavy weights
for more substantial work. It is possible to have the handle engraved to say “Dad.”
 Set of screwdrivers with changeable tips—to adapt to any size of job
 Wire cutters
 Tapes: Blue painter’s tape, Duct tape, electrical tape
 Metal straightedge
 Adjustable wrench
 Torpedo level
 Tape measure
 Utility knife
 Pliers
 Flashlight
I am not an affiliate with any shopping site, but you can find these gifts online or at your
local home improvement store. And a modest toolbox, fitted out with an assortment of
tools would also make a perfect gift for a college grad setting out on their own.

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