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Galco’s Root Beer Taste Off


For those who have wondered how many types of root beer there are in the world Galco’s Soda Shop in Highland Park helped to answer that question this past weekend at their 3rd annual soda tasting to benefit the friends of the south west museum.

Located on York Blvd this NELA neighborhood store and event is one of a kind!

This year’s theme was root beer and there were upwards of 70 verities to try! Most folks could not make it past the 6th tasting station but i made it all the way to the 10th (however full disclosure I skipped the diet root beer table).

While I personally will be on a hiatus from root beer for some time. Check out the selection Galco’s has to offer year round and make your our tasting event.

For move information visit there website at:

Or stop by the store:
5702 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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