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Houseplants that Flourish in the Bathroom

Many bathrooms have low light and high humidity.  Here are five plants that do well in those conditions. Just another way to bring some more green into your personal space.

  • Airoids, such as the easy-to-grow, trailing heart-shaped pothos.  Its cousin, the Alocasis “Tiny Dancers” has cupped teardrop-shaped leaves on top of foot-tall stems which fan out, often creating a tiered effect.
  • Ferns do well in the bathroom. After all, they live by waterfalls and rivers and streams.
  • Enjoy the tentacles of the Tillandsia.  Because their leaves absorb water, air plants require no soil and love a steamy bathroom.  
  • Hoyas have the distinction of being a tropical succulent.  Their thick leaves thrive in humidity, but want a bathroom with a big window.  Their stems are vine-like so a shelf or hanger displays them well.
  • Orchids, because they flourish in lower-than-ideal light and have water-absorbing leaves will also love the loo.
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