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How to Declutter and Organize your Bathroom

Start with your medicine cabinet. Take everything out and discard outdated medications, makeup, and skincare products. You can find safe medical disposal sites near you at Put everything you’re keeping back into the cabinet, storing the items you use most often at eye level.

Next, move onto any cabinet drawers. Remove everything, do a quick evaluation of what you’re keeping and what you’re tossing. Put the items you’re going to keep back into their drawers, with the items you use most often in the top drawers. 

Now, do the same routine with your shower/tub. Finally, pull everything out from below your bathroom sink and declutter the items there.

Everything that did not have a home can be quickly sorted into the five baskets or bins you have set up for the purpose: 

  • Put away
  • Recycle
  • Fix/Mend
  • Trash
  • Donate
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