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Metropolis II At LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art known as LACMA is the largest art museum in the Western United States and home to some of the most extraordinary collections of artistic expression. Taking pieces of history and recreating them in realistic yet imaginative ways, the interactive and real-time exhibits are just so intriguing to me and I love going back there to experience these works of art for myself. Chris Burden’s kinetic sculpture called the Metropolis II caught my attention on my recent trip to LACMA. I found it exciting how he captured the fast-paced frenzy of a modern city using steel beams and miniature cars to create an elaborate system of roadways, train tracks, a six-lane freeway and miniature cars speeding through the city at 240 scale miles per hour to equal 100,000 cars circulating through buildings.

You can also view Chris Burden’s other creations such as the infamous Urban Light collection and if you are a resident of the Los Angeles area, free tickets to the museum are available on select days and times during the week.

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