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Pre-listing Fixes That Can Pay Off

Pre-listing Fixes That Can Pay Off

Anything that isn’t broken is costly to replace, and isn’t overtly visible, such as a new
central air conditioning system, won’t impress buyers as much as improvements
they can see, such as new doors for the kitchen cabinets or customizable closet

 Fix anything that an inspection would turn up.
 Floor refinishing has a 147% cost recovery.
 A kitchen remodel has only a 67% cost recovery.
 If you have pets, consider a deep cleaning—strong odors are likely to turn off
prospective buyers.
 Curb appeal helps a house stand out. If the front lawn is in really bad shape
consider re-sodding or putting in a desert landscape with rocks.
 Fix any leaky faucets.
 Replace non-working appliances
 Don’t repaint the garage floor or wallpaper the inside of closets—focus on
what can be seen.

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