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Seeds or Plants How Do You Know Which Is Better For Your Garden?

Spring is just around the corner so it is a good time to think about how to make green things grow. The question comes up: Seeds or plants? How do you know which is better for your garden?

Here are some tips I found useful:

Consider your space

If you don’t have much, go for plants.  Seeds have to be distanced to have room to grow. Plants are easier to visualize in your space.

Consider the effort

Seeds take 30 to 60 minutes a day for care and require grow lights, heat mats, and potting mix.

Consider the calendar

Seeds instructions have optimal times to plant.  If you missed the window, buy the plant.

Consider the plant’s stage

Plugs are starter plants that are brought by the pack so have less chance to become root-bound than plants in pots.

Easy-care plants 

Perennials will comeback year after year.  Also, herbs such as oregano, mint, and lemon balm require little effort.

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