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Simple Inexpensive Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

We have collected tips from all over the Internet to help you throw an outdoor party in your backyard or a local park.

  1. Instead of a pricey sun sail to provide shade, use 4 poles and a bed sheet to create a shaded area.
  2. No picnic table? Place a door or piece of plywood on top of 4 paint cans filled with sand and cover with oilcloth or a bedsheet.
  3. Create a children’s corner with hula hoops, corn hole, and other outdoor games.  Have an older child supervise.
  4. No cooler?  A laundry tub filled with ice makes a great chiller for canned or bottled drinks.
  5. Tea lights in assorted glass jars with an inch or so of sand instead of strings of electric lights make for great mood lighting as evening approaches.
  6. Make it a potluck.  Just be sure to keep track so you don’t get 7 bean salads or 5 Pineapple and Lime Jell-O molds and you are set up to keep foods chilled or warm to serve safely.
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