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Springtime Is Here!!

Spring in LA means great weather before the heat of the summer.  For most of the country, Spring means goodbye winter.  We can all say that our winter was a bit colder and rainier than in recent years.  So this Spring is more welcomed than usual!

During this time of year, many of our clients are opting for home upgrades and major spring cleaning projects. This is always so fun to see. We get questions like “Which of these projects will add more value to my home?”  Answers vary, but I’m always here to answer.

We also have clients who are ready for something new entirely.  Maybe they’ve been in their place long enough, they’re tired of renting, want to upgrade or downsize. Whatever the case this time of newness evokes the decision to do something big.

BIG is right, all of these are big decisions. And you can rest easy knowing that I’m here to help. To offer advice or guidance as you navigate this space.

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