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Three Ways to Reduce Stress


It’s been a long time since the pandemic started and we entered a period of higher stress and worry.  Maybe you found new ways to cope along the way, or maybe you’ve just done your best to take things day by day.  A recent study showed how three habits can help improve your mood and overall wellbeing.

  • Sleep Smart—To improve sleep quality and lower anxiety, try progressive relaxation.  Breathe deeply as you tense and then relax each muscle in your body.  Start with your feet and legs then more to your stomach, chest, shoulders, hands, and arms.
  • Eat fruits and raw veggies.  Raw produce provides vitamins B and C, two nutrients that do a lot for your mood.  Think smoothies!
  • Work in workouts.  Not surprisingly, exercise is the third habit that reduces stress.  If you’re more of a couch lover than a fitness fan, find a routine you can enjoy.  Gardening, hiking and even having a family dance party count too.
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