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Time in Nature

I have recently been trying my hand at growing things. My thumbs are not green but one of the occupational hazards of real estate is cast-off flora. I have been sticking these plans in pots and hoping for the best. So far so good! It has been a great way to bring some nature to my home. But there are even more benefits to getting out into nature. 

The National Institutes of Health have identified these timely benefits of nature:

10 minutes of gardening or a weekly visit to a public garden can alleviate depression.

20 minutes spent hiking among trees, bird-watching, or pursuing other activities in nature reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

30 minutes of sitting or walking in a park setting can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

45 minutes or more of hiking in the mountains results in less fatigue and higher alertness than the same amount of time spent indoors on a treadmill.

60 minutes spent interacting with nature, such as walking in urban parks or on tree-lined streets, can boost memory and attention span by 20%.

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