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Virtually Travel The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

As summer approaches we slowly come to terms with the fact we won’t be able to plan those highly anticipated trips. Luckily, we live in the digital age and virtual tours of cities, museums, parks, beaches, attractions and even live streaming of concerts are available.

TravelTrend.Com Lists 100 virtual tours and unique experiences around the world;

1. At the top of the list without a geographical specifics; The experience of

Google Earth in virtual reality, where you can fly anywhere you choose with your VR headset.

2. Up next is an out of space experience with NASA

Dive into the Ocean;

3. The Blu is a popular VR game where you can install from their app and dive into the ocean

4. The Jetlagged- Let’s you dive in the coral triangle

5. Download the Immers VR to dive into the ocean with your friends

6. Underwater video tour by National Geographic

Mount Everest;

7. Simulate how you climb Mount Everest

Best experiences from the USA;

8. The Grand Canyon Vr Experience;

9. Take an immersive experience in the famous  Yosemite Park

10. The well known metropolitan museum in New York will take you to a tour from your sofa

11. Visit All Smithsonian museums

12. Choose the Hyatt Regency – Mission Bay hotel  VR experience  ? v=MbDdPFDPJsg&feature=emb_title

13. Disney World

14. Monterey bay aquarium live camera

15. San Diego Zoo live Cameras

16. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska – virtual tour

17. Hawai’I Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii- virtual tour

18. Carlsbad Caverns National Parl, New Mexico- virtual tour

19. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah- virtual tour

20. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida- virtual tour

21. Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset

22.  Travel Nevada

Best of Sweden;

23. Visit Sweden- The nature of Sweden at your fingertips

24. The next one is wicked! Lights over Lapland lets you experience virtual Aurora tours

25. Malmo Virtual Graffiti virtual walk

Iceland magnificent virtual tours;

26. Games of Thrones film locations

27. Lava cave without any risk-taking

28. Glaciers of Iceland video tour by National Geographic

29. A virtual dive on the wreck of the Melckmety

Wildlife in Africa;

30. Safaris from home- Join us on a virtual safari and explore Asilia’s camps and lodges across Kenya and Tanzania

31. Real cool live cams to explore wildlife in Kenya and more

32. Table Rock virtual visit  experience/article_3991267a-2cb3-11ea-84d6-7f8446984832.html

33. Victoria Falls

Israel virtual tours;

34. Virtually tour the Holy City- Jerusalem

35. Virtual tour of exhibition in Tel Aviv Museum of Art

36. Join the Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Virtual Australia;

37. Qantas Virtual Reality app- shows you some of Australia most beautiful scenery;

38. Explore Sydney with You visit

39. Download the Goole Arts & Culture app and immerse yourself to The Art Gallery of NSW

40. Take the chance to enjoy the State Library of NSW – Download the Goole Arts & Culture app

41. Sydney Opera House tour and performance

New Zealand;

42. Explore the Weta Cave

43. Wellington

44. Most exciting places to plan your next trip

45. Tour the enchanted Hobbiton

Art of Austria;

46. This new experience of the MAK Museum of Vienna offers you the ability to stroll inside paintings!

Switzerland Grand Tour;

47. Switzerland offers a grand tour all over Switzerland; you can choose where to start and what to see

The Netherlands;

48. Take a look into Van Gogh Museum

49. A relaxing enchanting tour in Rijks Museum

50. The MOCO museum presents modern and contemporary art

51. Join live tours of Stedelijk Museum

52. Step into the Rembrandt painting

53. Central Amsterdam stories

 The UK;

54. London is always a good idea- download the Goole Arts & Culture app and immerse yourself  to exhibitions like the one in

The British Museum;

55. Stonhenge virtual tour

56. Tour the best sites in London

57. The National Gallery of London- virtual tour

58. A sneak virtual peak to Buckingham Palace

59. Tour beautiful sightseen of England

60. The Roman Baths walkthrough

61. Take a virtual tour of the Giants Causeway (Northern Ireland)


62. Cliffs of Moher virtual tour

Faroe Islands;

63. One of the most exciting virtual adventure


64. Download the Goole Arts & Culture app and immerse yourself to the Uffizi Gallery;

65. Vatican City  Virtual tours

66. Visit the Colosseum

Virtual Czech;

67. Prague Castle virtual tour

68. Beautiful Prague in a virtual tour by UNESCO Czech heritage


69. download the Goole Arts & Culture app and immerse yourself to Museo Dolores Olmedo

70. Visit Albuquerque


71. This is how it feels being in a resort

Dubai ;

72. Atlantis Dubay Hotel VR tour is a great way to choose a hotel

73. One day in Dubai

74. Check out Eithad Museum


75. Plan your trip to Istanbul


76. Would you try cliff jumping?


77. Probably your dream hotel, now you can explore the facilities before you book your stay


78. Take a tour at the Dalís’ museum in Catalonia

79. Visit virtually  in Segrada Familia


80. Visit the famous Louvre 

81. See the exhibitions of Versailles

82, Take a virtual tour in Versaille

83. The tour of Mount Blanc

84. The iconic Eiffel tower


85. Visit Maccu Picchu

Galapagos Islands;

86. Walkthrough these beautiful islands


87. China Great Wall tour

88. Jing’an temple Shanghai

89. The Forbidden City virtual tour in China

90. China glass bridge virtual tour

91. Tourist Tube allows you to visit Shanghai virtually

92. Tour the Guilin Mountain in China

Visit the Amazonas in South America;

93. Visit the Amazonas rainforest


94. Download the Goole Arts & Culture app and immerse yourself to Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer

95. Iguazu falls

96. Stand with the people virtually next to Iguazu Falls


97. Journey behind the Niagara falls virtual tour

98. Visit the Casa Loma

99. A virtual stroll in old Quebec

100. Wildlife of Canada live cams in various national parks

Japan virtual tours;

101. Visit the online exhibit Maple viewers

102. Meet Japan culture and views from home

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