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Weatherstripping Will Save You Money

Maybe not the sexiest topic but an important one nonetheless.

Even when your doors and windows are closed there might be gaps around them between the floorboards and baseboards.  This lets outside air leak in and air whose temperature is controlled leak out. 

Weatherstripping is a cheap technique to fix air leaks to seal doors and windows tightly.  It helps reduce energy consumption and saves money.  Your local big box store will have several are different materials for weatherstripping:

  • Door sweeps, made of metal, vinyl, felt or plastic go on the bottom of doors to keep out draft.
  • Felt is a metal strip that is sold in rolls and glued or stapled around windows and doors
  • Tension Seal is folded vinyl that can be used in the track of a sliding or double-hung window or the sides and top of a door.
  • Reinforced Foam can be attached to metal strips or wood and is used on the tops of windows and doors, or the door bottom.
  • Door shoe can be used on the bottom of doors to keep out a draft.

Check out where your house is leaking and the range of weatherstripping materials.   Get ready to install and save money on your heating and cooling.

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