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What Are Some Common Types Of Weatherstrips?

  • Simple rolls of foam, felt, or rubber are applied easily using adhesive backing.
    Inexpensive and easy to install, this weatherstripping style lasts a few years before needing replacement. It can generally be installed around the entire door, including the top, the jamb and bottom.
  • A door sweep is a piece of metal like bronze or aluminum that holds a rubber,
    plastic, or vinyl piece that sweeps up against the gap between the bottom of the door and threshold. They should be fitted so the insert sweeps along the ground to create a thorough seal. Some door sweeps are simple adhesives, but sturdier, longer lasting door sweeps may need to be nailed in using finishing nails or specialized
  • A cinch is a plastic model that cinches to the bottom of the door. Rubber or vinyl
    pieces then act as a door sweep, blocking the gap between door and threshold.
  • A V strip is a piece of metal or plastic in a horizontal V shape that uses tension to
    seal the gap between door and threshold.
  • Grooved or slotted gaskets can slide right into special grooves that are cut into the door, or the frame around it. This is more common on modern doors.

Who can install them?

Weatherstripping a home is generally not a hard and can be performed by most

  • Adhesive-backed weatherstripping is the most common and easiest to install. It is
    also the easiest to use for jambs or the top of the door frame.
  • Weatherstripping guides and youtube videos can help determine what is needed and
    how to place them.
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