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Why Weather Strip?

Weatherstripping is a small but important part of keeping your home maintained. Used
around doors and windows, weatherstripping prevents air leaks, keeps energy bills
manageable, and prevents weather from coming into the home. With a variety of options,
whether adding or replacing, weatherstripping is an effective upgrade to your home.
Why is it important?
Regardless of what type you choose, the basic role of the strip is to fill in or block gaps
between the door and the frame around it. As houses and doors age, they can shift or warp,
which causes the door and frame to not be perfectly aligned. When this happens, gaps form.

  •  Rain can be driven by the wind into these gaps, causing water damage inside the home.
  • Interior air, regulated by heaters or air conditioners, will leak outside and be replaced by the opposite leaking inside and decreasing comfort level.
  • The inefficiency in heating/cooling drives up your energy bill.
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