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Wildflower Season Has Arrived!!


It’s time to stop and smell the roses….and the wildflowers!

Wildflowers are everywhere in Southern California and a welcomed sight after a series of fires, heavy and persistent rain and even snow in unexpected cities. Thousands of people have been flocking to see the extraordinary phenomenon known as a super bloom throughout hillsides, roadsides, local gardens and nurseries even prompting closures near Lake Elsinore where they have resorted to transporting people via shuttle.

All in all, it is worth the extra time and effort though as this doesn’t happen all too often here in Southern California as one might think. Not to mention, it is a stellar chance to take a selfie and you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. I recently visited the Theodore Payne wildflower garden in Sun Valley ( and it was an awe-inspiring afternoon to be amongst such magnificence and beauty. The perfect spot to take a moment, breathe and smell the roses….or better yet, the wildflowers.

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