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8 Ways to Spruce up a Kitchen

We love our homes but sometimes other things take priority and they are neglected. If your kitchen is looking tired, but there aren’t funds for a full remodel, here are
some ways you can spruce it up for a fresh look.

1. Install a new backsplash
2. Upgrade cabinet and drawer knobs. If new knobs would break the budget,
remove and spray paint silver before reinstalling.
3. Add a single open shelf. In general open shelves require more maintenance
than cabinets, but a single shelf with attractive accessories can be a focal
4. Nothing dates a kitchen more than outdated lighting fixtures. Consider
under-cabinet strip lighting, or updating the fixture over the dining area.
5. Accessorize—a pretty throw rug, an attractive appliance an interesting spice
6. Paint the cabinets. Wood is out; paint is in. If you also replace or spray the
knobs, no one will know they aren’t entirely new.
7. Door knobs and lighting are not the only candidates for replacement. A new
sink faucet in an updated style can change the whole vibe of the room.
8. Organize your storage. Use drawer and shelf dividers. Store like foods, like
snacks, which can clutter counters, in baskets in your cabinet for quick

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Just Leased in Glendale!

Grateful for the opportunity to represent the tenants of this lease listing in Glendale California! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Should you Cosign a Mortgage Loan for your Child?

Before you put pen to paper and sign any documents here are some things to consider before consigning a mortgage loan for your child.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, in the second quarter of
2022, housing affordability fell to its lowest point since the 2007-09 recession. One
option to improve affordability is to have willing parents cosign the mortgage.
A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that 57% of parents would be willing to
cosign their child’s mortgage and 7% had done so in the past. Parents with a
household income of $100K may be set to do this, but parents close to retirement
and a fixed income have the additional risk of undermining their lifestyle or retirement
plans if they have to make payments because their child loses their job or becomes
unable to work.
Other options:
 Consider a one-time gift
 Become a Guarantor (have responsibility only if child defaults)
 Co-invest in the property
 Pledge eligible securities to make a cash down payment, such as with Merrill
Lynch’s “Parent Power” plan

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Start the Year Right with These 10 Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks


Some ideas for start the year right with these 10 once-a-year cleaning tasks:

1. Wipe down outside windows—use a spray cleaner and lint-free cloth to wipe
horizontally until dry.
2. Wash or dry clean curtains and drapes—follow directions on labels.
3. Deep clean your dryer. Even if you clean the ling filter with each load, you need
to vacuum out the duct to the outside at least once a year.
4. If you have a fireplace, sweep out the vacuum the ashes and clean the hearth.
5. Tidy up upholstered furniture. Spot clean as necessary.
6. Purge your garage and basement or attic. Re-evaluate what you’ve collected
and donate what you don’t need.
7. If you have them, vacuum around your heating vents.
8. Wipe down outdoor furniture. Squirt some dish detergent in bowl or warm
water and wipe down. Rinse with your garden hose.
9. Deep clean your carpet.
10. Empty your gutters, if necessary.
–adapted from Good Housekeeping

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